Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

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Taiwan Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

  • 廣場婚禮
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  • 廣場婚禮
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Taiwan Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

Fira Square Wedding

Standing on Love of Fira Square with all the marvelous Bashi-Strait view in your eyes.
Leaning against the Kenting landmark, Mt.DJ.
Overlooking the beach and swimming pool.
Swear by the sky, the land. You exchange forever promise.

  • 【LOCATION】:Fira Square
    【Wedding Ceremony Venue Charge】:$36,000+10%
    【Equipmen】:20 toast sofas or 60 metal chairs、Free Hi-Fi audio equipment、Wireless Microphones、Bride Lounge

    We don’t accept the reservation of wedding in grand holidays, such as Chinese New Year Holidays and Spring Banquet.

    Please contact:0978-059756、0975-970539
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