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Onion Farm-Onion pastry

Distance 8.6 Km,Driving time 14 Minute
With many years’ efforts, and continuous and repeated failures, it finally developed a unique and exclusive local product in Hengchun. It didn’t add any chemical element. Outer crust is only made of imported wheat flour, natural butter and Trehalose which stuffed with condensed onion paste. It is simple and original, just like the onion which only has juicy contents but no fancy appearance. You can taste the rich onion flavor as caused by the downslope wind blew the onion field when you have it. 
This flavor has passed down the memory of the homeland of onions, which makes local people of Hengchun to memorize the history of onion, tourists who came far away can take back full memory of onion, so as to make those who didn’t love onion to be loved in it. We did make onion to be delicious pastry and dessert, as well as using the flavor to record gourmets in our hometown, I love onion!!
One extra-large onion can only make 2 pieces of Onion pastry!
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