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Maobitou Park

Distance 12.1 Km,Driving time 18 Minute
Maobitou is located in the west cape of southern Taiwan, right on the demarcation point of Taiwan Strait and Bashi Channel. Since there is a rock falling from the sea cliff which looks like a crouching cat facing toward the sea, it is named Maobitou. The whole area of Maobitou is a typical erosional landform of coral coast which just faces windward and has abundant sea erosion. It is an excellent landform classroom with various scarps, reef columns, sea trenches, sea erosion caves and pot holes. From the trail aside Maobitou Tourist Center to the observation deck, standing on the deck on the cliff, you will see the boundless scenery of blue sky and sea. Although sky and sea are in the same color, the left side is Bashi Channel and the right side is Taiwan Strait, standing on the demarcation point of sea is such a wonderful experience. From here, you can overlook many famous and beautiful scenes on Hengshun Peninsula. From the left front land, they are SanTai Hill, Nan Wan, DaSanMu Hill, XiaoGien Hill, MenMaLao Hill, DaGien Hill, KenTing National Forest Recreation Area, Big Bay, DaYuan Hill, Xiao Wan, Chuanfan Rock, HsianGioWan Eco-Protection Area, ShaDao and E-Luan-Bi. Standing on the observation deck at Maobitou, you can have all of those beautiful scenes in your eyes. Therefore, Maobitou is an exceptionally gifted sightseeing spot. Since Kuroshio flows through the sea area near Maobitou, the sea water temperature is able to retain between 21 to 30˚C which is exactly suitable for marine creatures to breed. Undersea, there are various stony coral, soft coral, tropical fishes, sea eels, shellfishes, crabs and shrimps. Winter is the breeding season of seaweeds. Besides, the sea water is warm. Therefore, you can see ulva, red alga, sargassum and other seaweeds in the clear water near the coast. With other marine creatures and coral reefs, it is a very special coast landscape.
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