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Taiwan Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

Small bay beach

Distance 1.7 Km,Driving time 4 Minute
The Small Bay Bathing Beach is a clean white beach. The delicate beautiful curving sand is the tourists’ first surprise. Waves are pushed ashore by the wind to say hello to the visitors. That is an example of the Small Bay’s passion on display. When people step firmly on the soft sand, under their footsteps are shell sand that have accumulated over a long, long time. The sand grains shine like silver. They are somehow like little stars in the night sky, but they have even more sparkles. There is much more to see at Small Bay Bathing Beach. In the sea, tourists often brave the sunlight and engage in all kinds of activities, without fear of sunburn. Judging by the smile on their faces, they enjoy very much the lightly fluctuating waves, which not only relieve the heat but also calm and relax them. The view underwater is beyond people’s expectations. Unique coral creates shelters, and lovely sea-plants settle here while lively sea-creatures linger in the coral or shuttle through the seaweeds. All of them together transform the dark seabed into a colorful world. It is not difficult to find the Small Bay Bathing Beach. It is just in front of the Kai-Sa Hotel, which is right next to the main street of Kan-Ding. Presently, the hotel staff manages the beach. The owner has taken great pains to improve the environment and add facilities for tourists’ entertainment, in order to ensure memorable and high quality trips. The best thing is that a quiet and beautiful seaside walkway has been built. The guests can walk from inside the hotel directly to Small Bay. That enhances the relaxing atmosphere of the experience.
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