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Taiwan Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

Baishawan Beach

Distance 8.5 Km,Driving time 14 Minute
There are not many people who know this beautiful small beach, BaiShaWan. And because of it, BaiShaWan is able to remain its most original ambience. In the movie "Cape No.7", the leading actor and actress, Y-Ga and Tomoko, embrace each other exactly at this beach. Therefore, it brings BaiShaWan another romantic ambience. Besides it, the shining white, fine shell sand in 500 meters long is the most beautiful gene of BaiShaWan. The cause of shell sand is that shells have been scoured by sea water over a long period of time. Uniform sand, white and crystal are the characters of shell sands. BaiShaWan has 85% purity of shell sand, and it’s a rare natural resource in Taiwan. BaiSha is a small fishing village which is not over-developed and naturally gives off a special appeal. Along the stony road leading to the beach, you will see a graffiti wall with lovely paintings on the way. The blue background represents the blue ocean, and small and large tropical fishes leisurely swim inside. On the wall, there are few large words which make people smile and feel friendly, saying "Welcome to BaiSha Beach". That is BaiSha’s passion and simplicity. On both sides of BaiShaWan, there are coral reefs creeping in to the sea. Here, it’s like a beach embraced by coral reefs. In this area, there’s an undisturbed quiet ambience. No matter dawn or dusk, sunrise or sunset, walking barefoot on the soft fine sand, listening to sound of waves, watching the elegant movements of tides, you will unconsciously slow down your steps. The reason of stopping steps is the shining golden glory on the waves far away. At this moment, the beauty has been remained in your memory.
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