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E-Luan-Bi Park

Distance 9.4 Km,Driving time 15 Minute
"E-Luan" is the transliteration of sail in Paiwan Tribe's language. It is because that there is a sail-like reef rock in this place. "Bi" means protruding. Since this place is a cape, it is named "E-Luan-Bi". The scenery here is naturally beautiful and fascinating; therefore, E-Luan-Bi Park is established according to its original landscape. E-Luan-Bi Park covers an area of some 59 hectares and is located in the most south part in Taiwan. It is also the demarcation point between Pacific Ocean and Bashi Channel. E-Luan-Bi Park is a recreation area of both natural and cultural landscape which is listed as one of the eight nature wonders of Taiwan. The whole area of E-Luan-Bi is rising coral reefs. Giant reefs are everywhere. Further, it is eroded by strong wind and sea water for a long time; there are countless kinds of rock landscape. Including Fei-Fei Cave, Ancient Cave, Quiet Valley, Porcupine Rock, Qing-Tian Rock and Kissing Rock, they all are famous reef landscape in this area. Only hearing of the names can make people imagine how different the rocks look like. Walking along the well-planned trail inside the park, every so often you can find screw pines, portia trees, Philippine ebony persimmons and Paatii growing everywhere on the rocks. And, those plants are never lonely. There are always birds and butterflies staying with them. Large tree nymph, birdwing butterflies, gray tree pies and Taiwan bulbuls seem to live here. The ecology of plants and animals in E-Luan-Bi Park is quite expectable.
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