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Taiwan Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

KenTing Street

Distance 0.3 Km,Driving time 1 Minute
In daytime, the characters of Hengchun Peninsula are definitely beautiful natural scenery and cultural historic monuments. However, after sunset, KenTing street takes over and become the top 1 place that attracts crowds. Gourmet is the first one of top attractions of KenTing street. Food stands and restaurantson KenTing street are countless. Moreover, the types of food are various. Including Taiwanese snacks, Thai food, Japanese hot shabu shabu, Xinjiang barbecue and American food, all you can find here. Sometimes, you do feel starving but still couldn’t decide for too many choices. Or, finally, you made the choice but have to go through crowds to get your stomach full. Another situation is that you probably have already held kinds of foods in your hands in a short time and started eating while walking. Stylish shops are the second one of top attractions of KenTing Street. There are plenty of various shops on KenTing street. How to draw tourists’ attention is important. Some shops start with interior. Special decorations enable people to remember with a glance, for example, painting of cartoon characters on large wall, dazzling and bright lighting and large scale of famous characters as a shop sign. You will find the fun of design once you take a walk around KenTing street . Fashion goods are the third one of top attractions of KenTing Street. KenTing street almost has everything that you can find in general night market. However, special goods of KenTing street doesn’t certainly appear in general night markets. Especially for the local souvenir with coastal characters, they are exclusive in KenTing. The tricks of promoting goods are special, like dancing on the road or regular fireworks. We can tell that it works from those busy shop owners.
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