Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

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Taiwan Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

  • 波西休閒中心
  • 波西休閒中心
  • Various Table Games for You to Showoff


    Billiard, Table Tennis Foosball  FREE/30min/field
    Xbox360 FREE/50min/field

    Billiard, Table Tennis Foosball:09:00-22:30

    POSITANO HALL&PROVENCE HALL Service Desk or Phone Reservation
    1. Your piece of equipment is held for 5 minutes. After that it is released to another guest on the waiting list. 
    2. Reservations for Billiard,Table Tennis,Foosball can only be made at the top or the bottom of the hour : 9:00, 9:30…
    3. Reservations for X-BOX 360 can only be made every hour on the hour: 9:00, 10:00…
    4. For activity details, please contact POSITANO HALL 1F Recreation Room or dial(6) from your room
    5. Please be aware that activities and times may change at short notice. Please accept out apologies for any inconvenience.
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