Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

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Taiwan Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

  • 夏都星樂園
  • 夏都星樂園
  • 夏都星樂園
  • 夏都星樂園
  • Château Star Paradise is designed for children between the ages of 0-12 and consists of three areas: “World of Fairy Tales”, “Fun World to Explore” and “Oceanic Fantasy World”. As the diverse themed facilities can promote use of the brain and stimulate cerebral activity, not only can children have fun, but the family can share a great time here too.


    $100 / Per time
    $250 / All day
    ※Registration and payment On-site


    PROVENCE HALL (Gift Shop 1F)、POSITANO HALL (1F Recreation Room)
    1. One ticket is for one parent and one childUnder the age of 12 years or  Under 130 cm.
    2. Entrance:1F of Provence Hall.(The entrance is cross from the Aegean Western Restaurant.)
    3.  To keep the quality and safety of the park, there is the limit on the number of visitors in the park. If the number reaches the max, please 
       reserve the next available time.
    4. No food and drinks in the park. Only water is allowed.To keep the park safe and clean, please wash the sand off ,take off your shoes and 
       wear socks beforeentering.
    5. For activity details, please contact POSITANO HALL 1F Recreation Room or dial(6) from your room
    6. Please be aware that activities and times may change at short notice. Please accept out apologies for any inconvenience.
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