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Taiwan Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

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Taiwan Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

Aegean Western Restaurant

In the journey, it shall not only have good views, but also good cuisines to satisfy gourmand. Buffet is composed of various international cuisines, homemade BBQ & grill table, PIZZA and seafood. In summer time, we will provide the pool BBQ.

    The restaurant remains open during the summer vacation
    Dinner : A  17:30 ~ 19:00 / B  19:30 ~ 21:00

    LOCATION:Aegean Western Restaurant is next to the grass area

    【Restaurant Information】

    Menu Business Hours Opening Months Adult Fees Children Fees
    Breakfast  07:00-10:10 All year round NT$360 NT$220
    Dinner A:17:30 ~ 19:00
    B:19:30 ~ 21:00
    All year round
    ( Excluding Chinese New Year Holidays )
    Normal day:NT$630
    Chinese New Year holidays NT$899 NT$480
    Poolside BBQ Summer vacation
    ※All aforesaid dining will have 10% service charge

    【Meal Information】

    ‧ Children Fee Standard: children with height less than 120cm are free, children between 120 ~ 140cm heights will be charged as Children Fee. 
    ‧ Service charge for the corkage for beverages and wines: NT$300/bottle for wines; NT$500/bottle for liquor. Wedding service charge will be calculated additionally. 


    ‧ Aegean Western Restaurant can accommodate about 250 persons, and Pool BBQ can also accommodate about 250 persons. 
    ‧ In case of weather conditions, it needs to move inside from Pool BBQ for dining. 
    ‧ We reserve the rights of changes in restaurants without prior notice.
    Dining Reservation Hotline: 08-886-2345 # 7301 / Wedding Banquet Reservation Hotline:0978-059-756
    For group reservation of rooms and dining, please contact every business office of Château, or call 08-886-2345 to contact our Reservation Division.
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